The Churches of St Wilfrid's & St Mary's
in the Parishes of Monk Fryston & South Milford
The PCC (Parochial Church Council)
Our two Parochial Church Councils meet to discuss the many aspects of the life of our churches, and has certain legal responsibilities. They meet on four times a year in addition to the Annual General Meeting at which churchwardens and new PCC members are elected.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is responsible for the church's finances and for the care, maintenance and repair of the church building inside and out, especially work recommended by the inspecting architect in the Quinquennial (5 yearly) Report. The PCC looks after ‘movable items' [e.g. chairs, rails, candlesticks, lectern, Communion plate, vestments]. They also deal with insurance, security, and health and safety matters including disability requirements. The PCC is involved in any application to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for a faculty (permission to effect a change to the church, or its contents, or the churchyard).

It shares the Rector's responsibility for promoting the mission and ministry of the Church in the Benefice, has a voice on the forms of service we use and can represent the views of the Benefice to the Bishop.

The PCC is made up of members elected each year by the congregation and, ex officio, the Rector, Churchwardens and Parish representatives on the Deanery and Diocesan Synods.

All members of the congregation are encouraged to consider becoming members of the PCC at some point and subsequently become involved in the decision-making of each parish. The term of PCC membership is 3 years and new faces are always encouraged. Some of our members have been on the PCC several times depending on their other work and life commitments. If you would like to consider becoming a PCC member please talk to one of the current members or the Rector.

Under the terms of the Charities Act, PCC members are charitable trustees, responsible for ensuring that all assets are managed prudently, in accordance with the church's beliefs and aims.

The PCC Treasurer deals with these financial matters, but he or she acts on behalf of the PCC, carrying out its policy and implementing decisions it has reached.
A typical PCC meeting at St Wilfrid's

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